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There are most famous Moscow places.

Welcome to my site. My name is Nadezda. I live in Moscow - capital of Russia.

My cats are my life. Cats have been always living in our house. I have been taking good care of all of my cats in any situation including me helping them to give birth to the kittens. I have always understood cats. It is difficult to explain, but most of the time I feel as I am reading their thoughts whenever they are not comfortable or if they need something from me. I cannot imagine my life without these little creatures.

     I am breeding Short Haired Exotic cats since 1993. In 2002 I have created a cattery Demanch that was registered in F.

      I specialize in colors - bi-color tabby/white, and calico.

      I use bloodlines: Candirand,Sugarspun,Yellicle,Boberan,Artemis,Couronne,Spellbound,Jovan,Bryn Mawr, Calivan,Parti Wai EX,Bocasana,Viskits.

     I do not plan to have a big cattery and contain plenty cats.
My cats are the members of my family, and they live in the free roam about my house.