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Demanch Veronika
girl exotic SH brown patch.tabby-white
Parents: CH Demanch Vivaldi & Demancnh Origami
Sold to cattery in Russia

Demanch Fedosia (Dosia)
girl exotic SH blue patch.tabby-white
Parents: CH Loon Papa Cardinal of Demanch & CH Spellbound Shakira of Demanch
Sold as pet in Moscow



Demanch Antoshka
boy exotic red tabby-white
Parents: Yaguar Tiziano & Demanch Confetti
Sold to cattery in Saudi Arabia

Candystar X'Estee of Demanch
girl exotic blue patch.tabby-white
parents: GC Demanch Milkshake & Demanch Olivia of Candystar
sold to cattery in USA






Rogneda Elizabeth of Demanch (Liza)
girl exo SH brown
Parents: Single Magnum of Rogneda & Dame: Demanch Matilda
Sold as pet to Royal family to Brunei

Yaguar Tiziano
boy exotic black-white
Parents: Yaguar Perseo & Candirand Arwen